What is Forwardr?

Forwardr is a website for freelancers and other independent workers to share and find leads and opportunities.

The primary aim of Forwardr is to help to prevent opportunities from going to waste.

That way, freelancers low on work get more projects.

And freelancers with overflow enquiries get a commission from a lead they have earned.

Or, they can pay it forward commission free!

We want to match up freelancers with leads that would otherwise be left unfulfilled.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have an enquiry drop in your inbox, but it’s not suitable.


  • The opportunity isn’t a good fit for you skillset.
  • The enquirer may have got the wrong impression of your services.
  • You wouldn’t be able to take the work on right now for availability reasons.
  • You can’t work to the budget presented.

How many times do these enquiries never get a reply?

How many times do these opportunities end right at that moment?

Whatever the reason for a lead being a bad fit for you personally, we believe that all leads earned are valuable.

We want to help freelancers by allowing them to easily share leads with others so that all parties benefit.

If you’re a freelancer facing a quiet spell, having access to real leads can make a world of difference to your project pipeline.

You don’t have to let leads pass you by as a freelancer with surplus enquiries. Forwardr allows you to earn a commission from the opportunities you have earned.

As a client, you gain professional guidance on getting the vital work you need to be completed.

There’s something in freelancer to freelancer opportunity sharing for everyone.

Freelancers only

We operate a strict freelancer only policy.

We only accept sign-ups from people who are operating solo – whether that be self-employed or your own small business.

So, unfortunately, bigger agencies and recruiters, this isn’t for you.

How do I sign up?

Head over to the sign up page to create your Forwardr account.

How do I list a lead?

If you have a lead that you’d like to list on Forwardr, first you need to login to your account.

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the my leads page.

From here, you can click the “Add a new lead” button to get to the add a new lead page.

Here you’ll be presented with a short form to fill out about your lead.

We ask that you keep contact information out of these fields. This can be discussed privately with suitable freelancers who register their interest afterwards.

We also ask that you gain permission to list a lead prior to submission. You can find more information about this on the lead permission page.

Lead data will be deleted automatically from Forwardr 3 months after listing. You can also delete a lead manually at any time.

How do I find leads?

All leads are viewable on the freelance leads page.

You can search and filter leads by category, plus commission requested, to better suit what you’re looking for.

You can only register your interest in a lead, thus putting your contact information forward to the lead owner, if you are signed up.

How do I register my interest in a lead?

Once you have signed up, you can register your interest in a any lead you find on the freelance leads page.

How do I contact freelancers who are interested in my leads?

When someone registers their interest in a lead you have listed, you’ll see their name displayed it, wherever it appears on the site.

Click a freelancer’s name to go to their profile. Everyone user on Forwardr has a profile showing their name, email address and website, plus the biographical and services paragraphs entered during sign up.

Reviewing this information helps people decide who is a good fit for their lead.

To get in touch to discuss a lead with someone, you can either click the email link under their name or use the email button in the right sidebar.

How do I fulfil a lead exchange?

As it stands, Forwardr is a matchmaking service.

So right now, that’s up to you as the lead sharer and the lead receiver.

Any commissions should be agreed in direct contact between the two parties and paid directly from lead sharer to lead receiver.

Terms, at this stage, are down to you, however, we recommend the following:

  • Place importance on paying leads forward to other freelancers free of commission to help them out.
  • Any commission should be a maximum of 25% of the total project cost.
  • Commissions should only be paid upon the lead receiver obtaining payment. If a project does not come off, the lead sharer should not charge a commission.

All commission terms should be agreed on beforehand.

We have no capacity to mediate lead exchanges and accept no responsibility for lead exchanges gone wrong.

What is the future roadmap of Forwardr?

This will be wholely dependant on demand.

The current version of Forwardr is a minimum viable product.

There is a large ideas pipeline for new features, but these will only be developed should the platform prove useful.

If you want to keep up with updates, please join our mailing list.

I have another question, how do I get in touch?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Fill out the form on the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.