Introducing Forwardr – Freelancer to Freelancer Opportunity Sharing

It’s said that a good idea scratches your own itch.

With that, I’m delighted to introduce Forwardr to you.

Forwardr is a freelancer to freelancer opportunity sharing platform with the primary aim of helping to prevent leads from going to waste.

As a freelancer for over 10 years, I often get enquiries that I can’t take on.

This might be because the lead is a bad fit skills-wise, I’m currently at capacity or one of a multitude of reasons really.

What I find frustrating is:

  1. An opportunity going no further when I know it could help someone else out.
  2. A lead being wasted when a lead earned has a value.
  3. Someone coming to me for work and I can’t help them fulfil it.

That’s when I came up with the idea for Forwardr.

The sharing of leads between freelancers solves these issues.

  1. Sharing a surplus lead with another freelancer means they get new work.
  2. A freelancer can make a little something from a lead they have earned.
  3. The enquirer gets their project completed.

The Current Version Of Forwardr

What you see before you now is very much a minimum viable product.

I wanted to get this out as quickly as possible while testing and iterating in the wild.

There is a large pipeline of ideas for new features, but these will only be developed should the demand for the platform exist.

Why Build This Now?

The truth be told I’ve been sat on this idea for a while.

But, given the current global circumstances, I felt compelled to try and help the freelancing community in some way.

I’ve seen many freelancers having work put back or cancelled altogether due to these unprecedented times, which drove me to start building this out straight away.

With that said, I’m enforcing no commission during the COVID-19 pandemic on all leads listed.

Wrap Up

Where this goes from here, I don’t know.

Should there be a need for the service, I will look to invest more time into making improvements and finding a way that makes that viable.

I appreciate any feedback that people want to offer – you can send me an email via the contact page of this site.

Paramountly, if this service helps out just one freelancer during the current situation, I’ll be happy.

So consider my itch scratched, I hope it scratches a few other people’s too.

Please tell everyone about Forwardr who you feel will find it useful.

Sign yourself up today and list a lead!

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