Opening Up Commission Requests On Leads

When I launched Forwardr a few weeks ago, I made the decision to only allow leads to be posted commission-free.

I did this while times were proving particularly difficult for freelancers with many having work cancelled due to the global pandemic.

I hoped this would help to improve lead generation for affected freelancers during this time.

In hindsight, although done with the best intentions, I feel the decision has been counterproductive in regard to people’s use of the Forwardr platform.

With that said, I’m lifting this restriction so that you can now list a lead on Forwardr and request a commission to be paid upon successful completion of the referred project.

As a big believer in helping others out, especially those that are on a similar path to ourselves, so I’d still recommend paying a lead forward free of commission if you can facilitate this.

But, in the grand scheme of things, Forwardr only works if leads are listed in the first place. Hence the change.

I hope that by allowing people to request commission on a lead they have earned, more opportunities will be added.

Everyone benefits from a lead that would otherwise go to waste.

The person with a lead they can’t cater for still makes something from it, the person receiving the lead who was otherwise low on work gets paid and the client who initially enquired gets their work completed.

If you have excess freelancer leads that you’re looking to pass on to other freelancers, while still earning something from the opportunity, Forwardr is the platform for you.

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